updated: 30 October 2014

c l i f t o n,  c a p e  t o w n

photographs by Steve Gordon


Afternoon  Sunlight in January - B&W Gallery 2006 at sea level - from rowing boat or paddleski Winter Beaches, Seas and Skies Sand Movement - March 2006
Afternoon Sunlight in January

 On the Water

Winter Shots

Sand Movements - April 2006

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Glen Beach - 1970's under construction March 2007

Glen Beach, 1970's

 Misty Mornings

Documentary Galleries : Events & Seasons - 

Comet McNaught, Sunset Jan 2007 Reminder: This is a Marine Reserve ....mid winter, and they come swim

Clifton Beach Challenge Dec 2006

Comet McNaught - Jan 2007 Silly Season - Dec 2006 Solstice Swim - every June

Clifton Beach Challenge Dec 2006

....Moonstruck 2006 April - Southeaster Swimmers High tide, low tide. Red light, blue light. Same view.

Firedancing at Second Beach - Monday nights

Moonstruck Event

Southeaster, Swimmers & Strandlooper Through the seasons... Firedancers - Second Beach
Annual Waterski Ski Race
June - Winter Sunset Annual Waterski Race Autumn views from Beyer's Rock
Storm Surf - August 2008 Storm Surf - August 2008 the 4th Beach restaurant - demolition Dec 2008
Storm Surf - 09 August 2008 Storm Surf - August 2008 Restaurant & Demolition Tightrope to Three Rock

Documentary Galleries : Environment & Marine Life
Duikers' Rock - Clifton's Icon, and heart of the marine reserve seals and seabirds herd and feed Gallery of visit by a young whale...
Duikers' Rock Crab Hatchlings - 4th Beach Dec 2006 Terns, Seals, Duikers & Gulls feeding - 28 Feb 2009 Whale Breaching - 21 July 2009
plankton flow or temperature? public access restored
the Deep Green Sea
 - Jan 2010
Chameleon - Jan 2012 Moses Beach 
- Public Access Concerns 2006
Tuna boat aground 
on 1st Beach May 2012
Poachers' Boat Impounded
 - Oct 2014

Cliftonpics.co.za is a series of galleries about the suburb and bay called Clifton, 
my home and roots in Cape Town, South Africa.

This site shows Clifton and its creatures through the seasons and over the years, 
and also documents activities and events.

Clifton bay is part of the Marine Protected Area of the Table Mountain National Park.
Fourth Beach holds "Blue Flag" status on account of cleanliness, safety and facilities. Pictures also demonstrate
the usage, and environmental challenges to keep this area beautiful, clean and safe.

Thanks for visiting, and hope you enjoy these.

email contact:  steve [AT] music [DOT] org [DOT] za