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Duikers' Rock, Clifton

Duikers' Rock at low tide.


The profile of Duikers' Rock defines the western skyline from almost anywhere in Clifton Bay.  It is a sentinel, Clifton's best known landmark, and from the sea a towering entry pillar to Clifton Bay.

Known simply as 'Duikers' to many, this outcrop of six gigantic granite boulders and associated reefs form the southwest cup of Clifton Bay.

For much of the year, Southwesterley ocean swells roll in from the southern ocean, and Duikers' Rock is the refraction point around which which they curl. That's also why Fourth Beach has the least ocean swell - and smallest waves - in summer. Duikers' takes the lashing, and waters are always calmer in its shadow. The white foam lines provide a clear visual cue as to the wind direction.

The undisputed colonizers of this rock are the cape cormorants ("Duikers"), whose white guano (birdshit) cakes the top of the highest rocks. Even from Fourth Beach, the human eye can make out the birds: black on white in summer sun, silhouetted at sunset, birds circling, landings and take offs.

Duikers rule, but other airborne visitors include seagulls, musselcrackers and migratory terns, while the occasional penguin or  seal scrambles onto the lower rocks. The adjacent reefs are home to hottentot fish, mussels and crayfish.


Duikers' Rock is a Clifton icon, whatever the light.


DuikersRock_IMG_7028_x800.jpg (105004 bytes) DuikersRock_IMG_3542_x800.jpg (47200 bytes) DuikersRock_IMG_3545_x800.jpg (49089 bytes) DuikersRock_IMG_3618_x800.jpg (40248 bytes)
Lowtide from Bacheolor's Cove Winter Winter
DuikersRock_IMG_4527_x800.jpg (54238 bytes) DuikersRock_IMG_4550b_x800.jpg (39806 bytes) DuikersRock_IMG_5986_x800.jpg (121277 bytes) DuikersRock_IMG_5992_x800.jpg (125768 bytes)
At lowtide dusk, from Fourth Beach At lowtide dusk, from Fourth Beach from the nearest shoreside granite, at Bacheolor's Cove (high tide) from the nearest shoreside granite, at Bacheolor's Cove (high tide)
DuikersRock_IMG_2673_x800.jpg (48991 bytes) DuikersRock_IMG_2665_x800.jpg (70373 bytes) DuikersRock_IMG_0334_x800.jpg (100394 bytes) DuikersRock_sunset_IMG_2700_x800.jpg (150893 bytes)
behind Duikers, with Twelve Apostles. Alien bird overhead. From Fourth Beach, low tide, summer from Lower Kloof  Road Autumn sunset from Fourth Beach
Search_© -ref5436- 2012.jpg (104307 bytes) Recovery_© -ref5441- 2012.jpg (142462 bytes)
Search for drowning victim Recovery of drowned student

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